August Goals

I have previously talked about my love of goal setting. At the beginning of every month, I take stock of where my life is and see if there are any improvements I want to make. These can come in all forms, from something as simple as “drink more water” to something more abstract like “make positive affirmations a part of my daily routine.” Sometimes my goals are related to my diet and fitness and sometimes they are more of a personal nature. Because August is smack in the dog days of summer (anyone else melting right now?), this month’s goals are more physical. Hot summer months make you really think about the foods you are eating and the physical activity you are doing. Also, August is my birthday month – I turn 25 on the 27th. In that respect, I would like to round out my first quarter century on this earth in the best physical condition I have ever been in (plus we are going to the beach on my birthday and it wouldn’t hurt to look good in a swimsuit)!

August Healthy Living Goals

      • Quit drinking diet soda - I have battled this beast before many, many times and I am determined to kick this nasty habit to the curb once and for all!
      • Lower added sugar intake – I did well in June with this but haven’t been watching my sweets too much lately. I want to get the majority of my sweets from fresh fruits, not processed and sugar laden desserts.
      • Up water intake – Always a goal…always, especially with the heat. I work out outdoors everyday and I sweat a whole lot so I need to make sure I am keeping my body properly hydrated.
      • Keep up with half-marathon training – Ever since I realized running didn’t have to be a chore I have been enjoying it much more. I just re-tweaked my training plan for the next 10 weeks (yes the race is in TEN WEEKS).
      • Do an ab routine a day - I have a wonderful ab DVD that has 4 10 minute ab routines on it: cardio abs, yoga abs, toning abs, and pilates abs. I also have other pilates and toning ab routines. It is my goal to do one of these routines every day and to cross train them with my regular workouts (for example, if it is a bootcamp day do a yoga routine or if it is a running day do a pilates routine).
      • Do more yoga – I love yoga but have gotten away from it recently. With all the added running in my training now I definitely need to take extra time to stretch out my legs and hips. Jenna, from Eat Live Run, just suggested doing a 21 Day Yoga Challenge, in which you do at least 5 minutes of yoga every day for 3 weeks. I happened upon the post after I had already written up my goals and I thought this would be perfect! I absolutely love yoga. I love the feeling of calming down and centering my thoughts – I also don’t mind the added flexibility, I always feel at least 2 inches taller after I do a yoga routine.
      • Keep it a higher raw month – I want to get in lots of fresh veggies, salads, and raw smoothies this month. My body has been craving fresh, water-packed produce and nutrient-dense smoothies lately. And it is August and very hot outside, so who wants to spend time sweating over the hot stove anyway? Especially when there is so much delicious, seasonal produce available right now.
      • Conquer my first Fourteener – we actually did try to do this on Saturday, but because it was a last-minute hike we were not prepared and took the wrong trail (whoops!). With a little more research and preparation, I plan to really do my first Fourteener on August 6. I am over the top thrilled!
Well that’s the list for now. It seems kind of long but I think the goals all complement each other well. I will be revisiting these throughout the month to make sure I am keeping on track.

My Best,
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  1. I love the idea up uping your raw intake. That is definitely one thing I do not take advantage of considering I work in a grocery store. For the most part I turn to the low cal. frozen dinners b/c in my mind that is what is the easiest and quickest. And god knows how much sodium are in those things. I really need to start taking advantage of all the fresh produce I have right in front of me. It just seems like when I think produce my mind goes right to salad but I know there is so much more out there. Clint D.

    1. I really feel SO much better when I get a ton of raw produce in my diet. For some reason, it makes me feel better than cooked does. If I worked where you worked I would be in the produce section getting fresh veggies every day!! Yes the frozen dinners are loaded with sodium and junk but sometimes they really are the easiest thing to eat. Glad you found the blog, hope you enjoy it!

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