Winter Wellness Challenge: Week 2 Recap

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  • Monday - 60 minute HIIT elliptical routine; core, arms, and legs circuit strength routines
  • Tuesday – 45 minute/2.5 mile walk during lunch
  • Wednesday – 60 minute HIIT elliptical routine
  • Thursday – Tabata strength routine; 2 rounds HIIT on elliptical; 20 minutes hills and sprints on treadmill
  • Friday – Rest Day
  • Saturday – legs, core, arms circuit strength routines; 2 rounds HIIT on elliptical; 20 minute treadmill routine (from Fitnessista…try it!)
  • Sunday – 4 mile run; core routine


  • Healthy, planned snacking for metabolism. Mostly nuts, fresh fruit, and dark chocolate
  • Had either green juice or salad every day!
  • Kept up with food journal
  • Eating for fuel


  • Definitely see the results in my body (my husband does too!!)
  • Getting firmer/more toned
  • Feel strong and powerful
  • Total Weight Lost: 1lb
  • Total Inches lost: 6 inches!!!

Though I am working hard towards my new goals, I took the time to stop and be proud of how far I have come in the past few years. Seeing some before and after Thanksgiving pictures really put into perspective how much I have changed!! So, though the results are coming slow and steady this time around, I am still feeling great.

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