February Goal Recap

On this last day of February I want to take a moment and see how I did on my goals. Seems I did alright…some things I hit right on and some I missed completely! Oh well, that’s what March is for…

February Goals Recap 

  • Number one goal is to be more budget/finance conscious – With my work bonus and taxes we do have extra padding in our savings right now and that’s the way I like it!! There is a possible big change on our horizon so we are trying our best to meal plan and watch our budget with groceries. We really don’t spend money wildly so now the point is to keep the savings at a certain level.
  • Start race training and run at least 40 miles this month – done! I started training a few weeks ago and hit a total of 49.25 miles this month.
  • Try a weekend yoga class at our local rec center – fail, we started doing strength training again on Sundays and Saturdays are my long run days so there really is no time for yoga…hopefully I can fit it in during the week
  • Make flossing an every day habit – made it a few times a week habit, I call that progress!
  • More raw food – definitely did this for a while. Haven’t been so great about it the past week or so though.
  • Create at least 2 new paintings – complete fail
  • Put new strings on my banjo – again, complete fail. I bought the strings, just haven’t put them on yet!
  • Read 2 books from my list of 100 great novels – another fail…I am in the middle of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo right now and it is pretty good….the classics will just have to wait!

Sampson did well with his goal to be a complete goober…good for him!!

I will be back tomorrow with my goals for March.

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