Fitness Recap 3/4

Training Plan:

Actual Workouts:

Monday – Rest Day

Tuesday – Kettlebell Workout & 3 miles

Wednesday – sick/off

Thursday – sick/off

Friday – sick/off

Saturday – sick/off

Sunday – 5 mile walk

Total Miles – 8 miles

Well this week was a little short on the exercise. I really tried a couple of times but was too weak so I just let myself rest and recover. Unfortunately I am now 9 miles behind on my goal to run 77 miles this month. I will just have to squeeze them into my other workouts whenever I can!!

I still feel a bit sick but I had to get up and get outside today. I spent probably 1.5 hours walking today and covered 5 miles. It felt so good to get fresh air, sunshine, and exercise. If you don’t like to run, walking is still great exercise. People tend to discount it but if you get in a good distance at a brisk pace it can do wonders for your fitness. Remember, a mile burns about 100 calories no matter if you are running or walking.

That being said…I really wanted to run while I was out there today. Thankfully I was smart and took it easy. This week better look out though because I’m coming back with a vengeance (don’t be scared, Noel!). I have quite a few exciting things planned for March as far as training goes. It is going to be a great month!!

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