Daily Vegan Eats 3/20 (Spring Cleanse Day 2)



  • Pear & goji berries
  • Is it just me or do pears always seem to go from rock hard to falling-apart-ripe in a day!


  • Cranberry-kale salad with chickpeas added
  • about 1/3 cup cooked quinoa with salt & pepper
Afternoon snack
  • Kale chips – it is impossible to get a pretty picture of kale chips
  • The scheduled dinner was lemon-tahini kale however I had leftovers.
  • Snacked on some fresh veggies I was cutting up for today (bell pepper, cucumber, carrot)
  • Leftover kaleslaw from Monday. It is just too good! Plus I made a big batch so I don’t want anything to go to waste. I added some cooked tempeh to this batch since I did strength training before dinner and wanted some extra protein.
  • Again, served with nori sheets

Detox Extras

  • 3 mile run/strength training
  • Dry brush before shower
  • 104 oz water


It’s amazing the difference a good night of sleep can make. On Monday, I was running on 3 poor nights of sleep in a row and I felt awful. I conked out so hard Monday night that I didn’t even noticed my cats snuggle-smothering me to death! So many things are improved with quality sleep – mood, energy, and hunger to say the least. However, I was HUNGRY in the afternoon and unprepared. I think it was a combination of running in the morning (running always makes me hungrier) and being bored at work. I kept craving kettle corn popcorn which I haven’t had in ages! Thankfully the craving passed (I took a 15 minute walk outside around my office which helped) and  I managed to make it until dinner without diving headfirst in to a bag of chips or cookies. I ate dinner at 7 pm and was still full when I went to bed at 10:30…ah, the power of plant food. I do think that I was a little fruit heavy, but today is a Supercleanse low-fruit day so it will all balance out.

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