Spring Cleanse Week 1 Wrap-Up

Well, week 1 of the Spring Cleanse is a wrap. I feel like that is all I blogged about this week, but for good reason. I have enjoyed this cleanse immensely and was over the moon to not only be able to eat delicious foods, but to also feel incredibly amazing. Seriously, I have spent the week talking my friends and family into trying it out for themselves!!

Highlights of the week:

Successful green smoothies! Strawberry-Kale-Coconut Smoothie, anyone?

Kaleslaw in nori rolls

Superfood Pesto Pasta Salad **my fav**

Crunchy Cleansing Salad (I’m beginning to realize that kale+cabbage is my new fav combo)



Trust me when I say that almond milk + spinach + red leaf lettuce + protein powder + cucumber + blackberries is a terrible idea. Terrible……(this was my creation by the way, not something on the cleanse menu)

Cleanse Eating Recaps
Spring Cleanse Day 1
Spring Cleanse Day 2
Spring Cleanse Day 3
[took a blogging break day 4, but it was the pasta salad day!]
Spring Cleanse Day 5
Spring Cleanse Day 6
Spring Cleanse Day 7

I have realized that an “every other day” approach to blogging my daily eats is best…I was getting bored doing it every day!


I feel fabulous! Thank you to the cleanse for showing me that I don’t need coffee, soda, or processed sugars. Thank you to the cleanse for reminding me how much I love raw foods, especially green smoothies and fresh salads.

Although week 1 was such a success, I have actually decided to suspend the cleanse this week. The Spring Cleanse is a great program and my body is really responding well to it, but there is no way I can commit 100% to the cleanse this week. It is my last full week at work and there are so many people who want to go out and celebrate. Sure I could say no…but I’m not going to! I have worked here for over 2.5 years and made some great relationships and if my friends and co-workers want to take me to lunch, I am happy to oblige. This doesn’t mean that I am diving head first into coffee, sugar, and fried foods. I am still going to continue to eat cleanly and even incorporate some meals from the cleanse all while being realistic that now is just not the best time. Once we get moved and settled I plan do to the cleanse in its entirety.

I will be back to blogging my regular vegan eats tonight and I have a couple of new and tasty recipes for you this week. Happy Monday all!!

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