Daily Vegan Eats 4/24

I started the day off with a 4 mile interval run (run 3, walk 2 for about 44 minutes). Working out first thing in the morning is my favorite. I am really a morning exerciser and now that the weather is warming up, I can go for a run at 7:30 and not freeze! There really is something magical about the world early in the morning.

photo (5)

Today’s eats are in “Tone It Up” style. I purchased their diet plan to go along with the Bikini Series…you’ve heard it before but “You Can’t Out Train a Bad Diet.”  If I’m putting hard work into my body, I want to fuel it with the proper foods that will help get me where I want to go (which is to a stronger and more confident version of myself).

It is so easy to form a negative relationship with food these days…even the commercials on TV are geared towards exploiting your guilt about food (nothing new there). Instead of feeling anxious about what you eat, I encourage you to form a new and healthy relationship with food. Look at food as the fuel that will make you strong and healthy. Look at food as a tool you can use to help accomplish your dreams.  If I want to be stronger, faster, or have more endurance for hiking, then I need to feed my body right.

First thing

  • Meta-D drink from Tone It Up – this drink is supposed to help fire up your metabolism first thing in the morning. I have had something similar to this before and I quite like the taste, although I can’t wait to add the pineapple juice they recommend.

photo (1)


  • Tofu & veggie scramble (bell pepper, onion, tomato) with nutritional yeast
  • Sprouted grain toast smeared with earth balance
  • 1/2 grapefruit
  • Black coffee

photo (2)

Morning Snack

  • Berry-Banana Smoothie – 1 cup frozen mixed berries, 1 cup almond milk, 1/2 banana
  • A few people on Twitter were asking how I get my smoothies so thick: it’s about using the least amount of liquid possible while still making it drinkable. Oh and bananas always help!

photo (3)


  • Delicious kale salad that I actually made last week!! This stuff keeps forever (either that or I am gross with how long I will eat leftovers)
  • In the mix: kale, celery, cucumber, carrot, red cabbage, almonds, chickpeas, green onions, cranberries, maybe more I just can’t remember.
  • Dressed with tahini, olive oil, vinegar (apple cider), and lemon juice.

photo (4)

Afternoon Snack

photo (2)


  • Pinto bean burger (so easy to make, recipe and variations coming soon) topped with teriyaki sauce and sautéed onion
  • Side of roasted brussel sprouts and asparagus (Tone It Up says unlimited green veggies….I whole-heartedly agree)

photo (4


Along with my 4 mile run this morning (aptly named a “BootyCall” by Tone It Up) my friend came over and we did some Brazilian Butt Lift DVD workouts!! We did the Cardio Axe and the High & Tight butt workout. I was definitely sweating and my buns were burning by the end of the workout. It was a fun way to get in some exercise…although I have to admit I felt like a goober trying to do the dance moves!!

Question: what are some of your favorite workout DVDs? I’m looking to mix up my collection.

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