Daily Vegan Eats 4/26

Otherwise known as ONE OF THOSE DAYS. Ugh.

This is a different kind of eats post. I seriously considered not even sharing this, but in the spirit of showing you my 100% true self I know I needed to…I don’t want to pretend that I am perfect all the time because we all know that ain’t true!

We should really start this daily eats log sometime in the middle of the night…

Midnight Snack

  • I went to bed at 10:30 last night but could not fall asleep. Around midnight my stomach started grumbling so bad that I had to shut it up…I couldn’t fall asleep because I was too hungry! Instead of doing the smart thing and drinking a big glass of water, I had a midnight snack.
  • Bowl of Quaker Oat Squares cereal with almond milk. As soon as I ate this, I fell right asleep. I don’t recommend anyone do this!! I usually have at least 2 hours if not 3 between my last meal and bedtime so my body can start the digestion process before I go to sleep. When your body has to focus on digestion while you sleep, it can’t focus as well on the repair your body and cells really need…not to mention digestion (as well as everything else) is slowed down and not quite as efficient.
  • After sleeping couple of hours I tossed and turned all night until my hubby came home at 6:30a.m. Because I was extra tired I ended up sleeping in an hour late (“late” …. I don’t really have to wake up at a certain time but I like to get up by 7:30). I was tired, cranky, and my stomach wasn’t quite as regular as usual (TMI) so I decided to skip my morning workout (which ultimately was part of the snowball effect of my morning).

photo (6)

Bombshell Spell

  • I did manage to drink my metabolism booster first thing though, which is the only water I had all morning! This is the Tone It Up drink with pineapple juice added in…yum!

photo (4)


  • Another tofu-veggie scramble, this time with leftover asparagus and broccoli added in to the usual mix of bell pepper, onion, and nutritional yeast. I actually made this the night before so I could be as quiet as possible while my husband sleeps (he’s working the night shift). Tofu scrambles keep and re-heat well (in the skillet)
  • Sprouted grain toast smeared with peanut butter and topped with sliced banana
  • Decaf Iced coffee

photo (1)

Morning Snack

  • This is where things got a little messy. I headed down to town to do some work in a coffee shop so I could break up the monotony of being at home all the time. And I happened to pass a local doughnut store…we can all see where this is going. Vegan chocolate donuts are my weakness and before I knew it I had managed to pull in, buy 2 donuts, and get back on the road. I’m not kidding…in my head I was saying “don’t you do it” but it’s like my body went on autopilot and I didn’t even stand a chance!!
  • So I ended up eating the two donuts as soon as I got to the coffee shop…I didn’t even take a picture because I inhaled them!
  • Then I ordered a soy latte and a dark chocolate covered pretzel…gotta have something to dip in the coffee right??

photo (2)

Needless to say at this point, my poor decisions caught up with me fast! I had an insane sugar rush plus I was all hopped up on the caffeine. That combined with poor sleep, poor digestion, and not enough water throughout the morning made me feel so sick. I headed out of the coffee shop and went home.

Remember the other week when I talked about bouncing back?? Well that is precisely what I did today. Instead of wallowing in guilt or letting it ruin my momentum, I simply moved on. I made a note of how I felt after that sugar bomb of a snack and will try to remember it next time my body goes on an autopilot sugar hunt.

Don’t let a mess up ruin your whole day or worse your whole week! No “well I will start again tomorrow or Monday” thoughts….start over with your next meal. A couple of donuts and some chocolate isn’t going to make me gain any weight as long as I make sure to reset and finish the day on a good note. (However, I would advise you not to weigh yourself the day after a “slip” as you might be holding onto extra water weight…you can’t really gain 3lbs in one day I promise!)

Late Lunch

  • Spicy hummus plus veggies (I wasn’t really hungry)

photo (5)

Afternoon Snack

  • Fresh juice made from carrots, grapefruit, apples, and beet.
  • It’s official…I DON’T like beets!!

photo (6)


  • Breakfast for dinner (woohoo!): Superfood Protein Pancake from For the GLOW (a new favorite!!) topped with peanut butter, strawberry-chia sauce, and shredded coconut

photo (7)

Whew…this was quite the post!! Time to do some kitty snuggling and relax.

photo (3)

Let’s hope I wake up in a better mood tomorrow….exercise is definitely on the agenda first thing.

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  1. Love his post Shelley. You are so sweet and honest. I was reading it with baited breath – waiting to see what happened lol. You rock!!

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