Update on Working From Home

When I first talked about working from home, I thought it was temporary. Fortunately one of the companies I was doing work for extended a permanent offer to me so I will be helping them out long term! I am still doing two jobs at the moment (wrapping things up with my job from Denver…not sure how much longer it will last as they did hire a replacement) so I am super busy…you may have noticed by my lack of posts lately!!

Though I can be overwhelmed at times and am sad that I haven’t been able to spend as much time on the blog as usual, I am so happy and fortunate to be employed. I set up a more “official” office in our guest bedroom…mainly because our floors are all tile and my phone voice carries a bit (my husband says I am insanely loud lol).  I still need to get an office chair though…I went looking on Friday and was shocked to find that they were all around $200!!

photo (12

 Updates on things that I thought/hoped would happen:

More Sweat – I definitely feel like I’ve been getting in great sweat time lately. It doesn’t hurt that I can walk out our door and instantly be here:

photo (11)

photo (17)

Shelley+nature+early morning sunshine+sweat=pure bliss!!

Luckily no matter where I go on our neighborhood trails, I’m  never too far from home. Generally I get my walks/runs in before work starts anyway, but on the rare occasion I put it off, I can feel free to head out the door (with my phone in tow) knowing I’m close in case of a work emergency. I’ve also been doing strength workouts both at home and at the town park with a friend.

Rockie has no problem letting me know he thinks I’m a huge idiot when I’m on the floor doing plank jacks…

photo (17)

However…because I do work from home and am already here all the time anyway…I decided to join a gym today!! I’ve never been a gym member so I’m excited/nervous to get it started. The gym I joined is still right down the street so I won’t have to go far but it will be nice to get out more. It has a great variety of classes that I am excited to try out like yoga, pilates, zumba, circuit training, pump classes, and spinning. Fitness is always fun when you mix it up and keep things fresh!

More Healthy Eats – I am lucky that I can take time out of my day to really prepare a healthy meal, but I haven’t been doing as well with this as I would like. I tend to just eat the same stuff over and over anyway!

photo (18)

photo (18

My husband is also on the night shift right now (6pm-6am) and sleeps during the day so I haven’t been drinking as many smoothies as I’d like because our blender is LOUD!

More recipes – haha, I feel like this is a fail! I just haven’t been eating many new things lately. But I do have a great idea that I am trying out this week – if it’s as tasty as I hope then I will share soon.

New recipes I have added lately include:

Okay, now that I list them all it’s not too shabby. But I hope one day to share many many more recipes with you!! Just let me know anything you would like to see.

Increased work productivity – trust me when I say oh yeah. Not only do I work during normal business hours (8-5) but I have had to work evenings and weekends to make sure everything is done! Although sometimes I do go to a yoga class or lunch during the day so it’s a trade off.

Other – I was hoping working at home wouldn’t lead to a serious case of cabin fever and so far I’m doing well. I do leave during the day if I need to get out and now that I have joined gym that will get me out even more. I’m generally a homebody anyway so I don’t mind being here. Especially when it means I can do a little more of this:

photo (12)

Sampson was super needy today!

photo (13)

(Rockie is currently snuggling as I type this)

Overall I am really enjoying working from home and can’t imagine going back to work in an office. Thank you for being patient with me as I try to figure out a schedule that allows me to work, blog, sweat, hike, and spend time with my family!

I will be back tomorrow with a daily eats post and a new mini-workout (something else I’d like to start blogging about more again!).

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