Daily Eats, a Workout, & Affirmations

Yesterday’s Eats:

Tone It Up Bombshell Spell after a funky 4 mile run



  • Protein pancake (I wasn’t kidding I’ve been eating these so much lately) with banana inside and peanut butter, strawberries, cacao nibs, coconut, and granola on top. I went a little nutty with the toppings
  • Served with Hazelnut Teeccino (decaf coffee replacement) and almond milk…doesn’t it look cool?
  • I’m not gonna lie – as much as I am obsessed with protein pancakes – I really really miss breakfast smoothies (or being able to drink any smoothies before 4pm). 4 days of the week (sometimes 5) I can’t use the blender during the day because my husband is sleeping (he works 6pm-6am). He says it’s ok and he won’t mind but the Vitamix is LOUD and he is GRUMPY if he gets woken up so I just avoid it. He will be going back to the day shift next week (YAY!) and I am going to make the shit outta some smoothies…just you watch.


Morning snack

  • A couple of raw macaroons…I’ve been doing some experimenting and will share the recipes with you sometime soon



  • It’s getting hot here so I was in the mood for some fresh produce. Enter the Big Ass Salad – romaine, spinach, pepper, onion, carrot, cucumber, tomato, sunflower seeds, and crumbled triscuts. Served with a balsamic dressing I whisked together using olive oil, balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, and grainy mustard.
  • Delicious peach on the side



  • Meant to make a new recipe but followed my cravings instead.
  • Veggie burger and roasted sweet potatoes….a classic favorite!



  • No picture, but I had some vegan chocolate chip cookies for dessert. I tweaked a recipe and managed to make a dozen cookies with only 1/4 cup sugar! I thought that was pretty good. My next experiment will be to make with with no sugar at all…hopefully they still taste good.

Today’s Workout

Warm-up – 10 minute Stairmill (I don’t know if I was using this machine right, I felt like a total idiot)

Upper body (3 rounds)

  • Slow alternating bicep curls (x40) – I stepped up my weight today to 17.5lbs! Goal is to be able to use 30lb weights one day (Is this doable? Am I aiming too low?)
  • Balance row (x10/leg) – balance on one leg and do an upward row with both arms. Make sure to breath to help maintain balance. (check how to here)
  • Incline chest press (x20)
  • Tricep raise (x20)
  • Lat pullover (x20)
  • L raises with lighter dumbbells (x20) I used 8lbs for these
  • Pushups with medicine ball (x2)

Core (3 rounds)

  • Reverse plank with leg raises (x30)
  • Oblique v-up crunches (x15/side)
  • Crunches on balance disc (x40) – these hurt so good!
  • Tummy tucks (x40)
  • Weighted toe taps (x30)
  • Superman

Follow up cardio – 20 minutes elliptical with high resistance



Affirmation Catch Up

Almost halfway through my June Affirmation Challenge. You can see my positive affirmations for June 1-5  here. I am loving my daily affirmations – sometimes they come easily and other times I really have to think about what I want it to be…it is definitely a great exercise in self-love.

  • June 6: I accept the love I think I deserve.
  • June 7: I have the strength to be confident with who I am.
  • June 8: I will make the best of every situation today.
  • June 9: I am so very loved.
  • June 10: I am desirable.
  • June 11: I have the power to do anything that I want, I just have to do it!
  • June 12: Something good will happen, because it has to happen.
  • June 13: I will persevere with optimism and enthusiasm.

Do you have a favorite affirmation? Please share!

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