Fitness Recap 6/24 & Affirmation Catch-Up

Fitness Recap for the Week

Monday – 10 minute elliptical warm-up/Back & biceps/20 minute HIIT run

Tuesday – 4 mile run/core

Wednesday – 10 minute run warm-up/Legs & shoulders/15 minute elliptical HIIT

Thursday – 3 mile run

Friday – 12 mile hike!


Saturday – Rest day

Sunday – 3 mile run/Cleaned the house for 3 hours…that totally counts

I got so much done around the house today and it felt great – lots of laundry, dishes, cleaning, and organizing. Oh and lots of taking pictures of Rockie and Sampson.

Rockie being adorable while I cleaned. His arms are ridiculously long.

photo (3)

Sampson was weirding me out today by being a super-stalker. He was very needy and when Sampson is needy he will hunt you down and force you to snuggle with him.

photo (1)

I also made a fabulous new recipe that I will share tomorrow so be sure to check it out!

Affirmation Catch-Up

I have been terrible about sharing my positive affirmations throughout the month! The last affirmation catch-up was through June 13, so here are my affirmations to date.

  • June 14: I will work hard for the things that I want.
  • June 15: I fill my mind with positive thoughts.
  • June 16: I am happy and have the ability to make others happy as well.
  • June 17: I cannot control what happens to me, but I can control how I react.
  • June 18: Good things really do come to those who wait.
  • June 19: I am loyal, honest, caring, and kind.
  • June 20: I am very strong and capable.
  • June 21: I will remain positive and hopeful, yet patient.
  • June 22: I will be present for every moment today.
  • June 23: I am beautiful (simple but sometimes necessary).
  • June 24: I will be productive and get a lot accomplished today (and I did….boy I did. Over 3 hours of cleaning, laundry, and organizing the house).

Have you started using positive affirmations yet? If so, how have they impacted your life?

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