Fitness Recap 7/8

It was a bit of a weird week. I took 2 rest days and didn’t get to the gym as much as I would have liked. My rest days were more of a “I didn’t wake up and workout right away and never got around to doing it” kind of deal vs. needed rest. I’m a morning exerciser through and through!

I am happy to say that I got in my 10 outside miles I was hoping for this week – with an especially amazing 4 miler on Wednesday…check that post out for some cheesy inspiration!

Monday – 1 mile treadmill run, shoulders/legs/core, 20 minute elliptical HIIT

Tuesday – off day

Wednesday – 4 mile run


Thursday – back/bicep workout

Friday – easy 6-ish mile hike


Saturday – rest day

Sunday – 6 mile river run and some yoga to stretch it out, I also cleaned and did laundry for 3+ hours which I count as a workout



I have a workout filled week planned complete with gym sessions, running, hiking, and yoga. I’m excited for a chest/tricep/core workout tomorrow.

On a random note…check out my post-run breakfast this morning. It was soooo good!! I got the idea from Oh She Glows and used my berry-chia sauce recipe from this post. I followed the same method but let the sauce thicken and cool in a bowl for about 10 minutes instead of putting it in the fridge. That way it was warm and gooey when I enjoyed it. Paired with an almond milk latte (my first coffee in over a week) and it was a delicious and satisfying breakfast that kept me full for 4 hours!


Toasted English muffin, 1/2 topped with chia-berry sauce and 1/2 topped with almond butter and sliced banana. If you’re brave you can eat it sandwich style but I know that would be a messy disaster for me

I have some great posts lined up for this week and the near future including: new smoothie recipes, workouts, Hope Lake Hike review, a brand new hiking page, summer salads, tips on controlling sugar cravings, a new dessert-for-breakfast protein recipe, and more. Whew, I’m excited!!

Sampson and Rockie say that it has been far too long since I posted a cute cat picture. So for your viewing pleasure, here is Rockie using Sampson as a pillow during a nap.


Oh the brotherly love gets me every time!

I hope everyone is heading into the week with a positive attitude and a smile!

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