Daily Eats 7/15

Just a quick view of today’s vegan eats.

Run fuel

  • A few slices of sweet watermelon



  • New recipe coming up on the blog!!
  • High protein, raw banana soft serve with various toppings
  • Iced Coffee


Snack while running errands

  • Guava Kombucha…I have a problem



  • Plum while cooking
  • Random assortment: tofu scrambled up with spinach &  spicy hummus and a side of roasted asparagus
  • Guacamole and leftover chips (we had Mexican on Thursday)






  • Sweet potato (I steamed one full sweet potato and used about half) and black bean quesadilla with dino kale and green onion, side of salsa (Inspired by Carrots-n-Cake)
  • It was good, but bland…I should have thrown in some jalapenos or seasonings!
  • What I’m most excited about is the leftover sweet potato that I’m going to put in a chocolate protein smoothie tomorrow!


That’s it! Short & Sweet today…I will be back tomorrow with a weekend check-in of grizzly proportions (pun intended!).

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