Welcome to Mile High Healthy


My name is Shelley Langenhorst. I am a 27 year old plant-based foodie and wannabe athlete living in the mountains of southern Colorado. Mile High Healthy™ is something that I created to document my life changing transformation from being overweight, unhealthy, and unhappy into what I am today. Today I can confidently say that I love myself and my body…and that is no small accomplishment!


After I moved to Colorado, I was so inspired by my surroundings and by the lifestyle and healthfulness of the people here that I finally took my health into my own hands. It is hard to be unhealthy and unfit when you have mountains calling you to climb them! When I first moved Colorado, I had no real exercise experience and my BMI classified me as overweight and dangerously close to obese. I went hiking with my then boyfriend (now husband) my first summer living here and we could not reach the top of the trail because I was so out of shape and overwhelmed. I have never felt so embarrassed or so low!

Our engagement in December of 2009 really prompted me to lose weight and get healthy for good. Over the course of the next 10 months, I managed to lose 50 pounds, get into the best shape of my life, really start to love healthy eating and exercise, and most importantly really start to love myself.


Anyone out there who has experienced these changes first hand knows how wonderfully contagious they are! Mile High Healthy is my way of paying it forward. I want to help anybody who is willing to be helped.

I’m currently in Nursing school and struggling to carve out a healthy routine in the midst of  work, school, clinicals and having a life. Join me on my journey to stay healthy no matter the circumstances.


This blog is dedicated to my love of fitness (running, strength training, hiking, and much more)


Vegan foods

photo (10

photo (9)

Green Smoothies

photo (24)

And gratuitous pictures of my two cats (Sampson & Rockie)

photo (3)

And our dog Franco


You can view my before and after weight-loss pictures here and learn about how I lost the weight here. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to check out all of my favorite posts.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoy Mile High Healthy as much as I do! I can be reached anytime at milehighhealthy@gmail.com

My best,



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