One Meal, Two Ways Series

The One Meal, Two Ways Series is a collection of recipes that I make work for both my husband (who eats meat) and myself (vegan). Instead of always cooking 2 different meals every night (too complicated, expensive, and messy), I usually try to make one meal work for both of us. That way the main ingredients are usually all the same and the only thing that differs is the “protein” component or additional condiments. They are more examples than recipes.

Burgers, Two Ways
Tacos, Two Ways
Mashed Potatoes, Two Ways
Spaghetti, Two Ways
Asian Walnuts & Rice, Two Ways
French Bread Pizza, Two Ways
Quick & Easy BBQ, Two Ways
Pot Pie, Two Ways
Veggie Soup, Two Ways
BBQ Pizza, Two Ways
Chili Soup, Two Ways
Fajitas, Two Ways
Stir-Fry, Two Ways

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